Top 3 Best Trolley Jacks

Most likely you have never thought about what trolley jack is the best, well that is if you never had one fail on you. If you have a trolley jack fail on you, then you most certainly have looked up which one is the best and bought that one. The reason why you need to have the best trolley jack is that you don’t want to get in a situation where they fail on you. They are a very important tool that causes damage to you if it is not functioning right. Here are the top 3 best trolley jacks that we found and tested out for safety and durability.

Clarke Strong Arm 2.25 Tonne Low Profile Trolley Jack CTJ2250LP

This particular trolley jack is our number one pick because it has everything that you need in a jack. What made this one so special for us was the fact that you can use this trolley jack to lift up your sports car. That is a feature that not many trolley jacks have, usually if you have a sports car, you have to get a specialized jack because the regular ones are too tall and require a lot of space just to get under a car. This trolley jack needs only 80mm to get under the car, so it will fit most if the sports cars that are lowered.

Sealey 3 Tonne Long Chassis Trolley Jack 1153CXHV

This is our second choice after the Clarke strong arm trolley jack because it has different features, but they are just as good. This trolley jack is made for people who have heavy cars such as 4×4 because it has a three-tonne capacity. Because of the strength, this jack has a much longer chassis, but it turns out to be very stable.

Draper 3 Tonne Light Duty Trolley Jack

jackThis is also a very durable trolley jack that is designed to hold up to three tonnes of weight. It has some very similar features to the Sealey trolley so no matter which one you choose, it will be a good decision. We were very impressed with the safety levels of this jack.